Ukraine history, customs, and industry of Lemkivshchyna

The idea for this book came to my father after he completed his woodblocks (33 Prints) about the people of his ancestry - Ukrainian Lemkos. He originally named this work "Lemko Icondstasis", but as he exhibited it in various places, he came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to describe each individual print, because many viewers asked for an explanation of the contents of prints. The brother of my father, Semen who is known as a writer - especially among Lemko people volunteered to do just that. The book was published in Ukrainian Language in L'viv Ukraine in 1993. The preparer of the book was a noted Lemko-Ukrainian historian and ethnographer Prof. Ivan Krasovskyi. He also wrote the forward to the book. Following the publication of the book in Ukrainian, I suggested and volunteered to place it on the Internet. As this became reality we received many request from English speaking Americans of Lemko descent (some fifth generation Americans) to translate this book into the English language. It took some time before we located qualified translators in both languages and in Lemko dialect.

Jon W. Madzelan

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The complete sets of woodblock prints about Lemkivshchyna are exhibited in Lemko Scansen Museums in Zyndranowa, Poland and in Lviv’s Taras Shevchenko Hay (Grow) Lemko Scansen Museum, Ukraine. They have been exhibited in various locations of the Polish Carpathian Region on the occasions of Lemko-Ukrainians ethnic festivities. Also, they have been exhibited in West Sacramento, CA Turner Library. Some are in private homes in such states as PA, NY, VA, OH, LA, OK, MD, WA, and CA.

The book on these pages are:

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2: an English version. Walter and Tania Maksimovich translated the book into English as the second (Internet) Edition.

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"Ot Verkhiv Here Do Coophy Kaminiya Nasha Lemkivshchyna - Lem"

"From the peaks of the mountains to a pile of rocks it's our Lemkivshchyna - Only"

V. Madzelan - 1998

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